True Stories From The Field

Everyone has a story to tell and that story is magic.

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Everyone has a story to tell and that story is magic.

It can inspire, educate, motivate.

It can find sponsors, build a team and raise money. True stories from the field can be as exciting as a crime drama and as compelling as a radio show. People, sounds, and stories that bring the show to life. These are riveting, moving and inspiring stories that will stick with you long after you listen.

We want your story.

Yours is the story that inspires. Yours is the story that can help others continue your work or learn from your experiences.

Our goal is to create a repository, a directory for service projects from around the world. In the last century there was a movement to collect the stories of the holocaust survivors and WWII veterans. Your story is just as important but it can do even more.

Your story is part of a living archive where others can build on what you have accomplished.

Check back soon and listen to some incredible true stories from the field.

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